Given the fact that I am an expert in search engine marketing and that I work for a major search engine marketing company; I feel most confident in providing information about search engine marketing only. However, if you are interested in getting more visitors to your website using general internet marketing strategies, I recommend that you review information, tips, and resources provided by the many website marketing directories on the internet.

Having worked for a major search engine marketing firm, now for five years, I have helped many clients who have tried to do search engine marketing themselves, but have either been unable to get more visitors through their own website marketing efforts, or they have actually hurt their own websites by conducting unethical forms of search engine marketing. Therefore, I always recommend to people who want to get more visitors to their sites, to use the services of the many search engine marketing companies out there.

However, before you hire a search engine marketing firm, there are a few things you can do (and not do) to your website to make it more internet marketing friendly - as I like to call it. The first thing you should always avoid doing, is using hidden text in your website, because most search engines consider this an unethical form of website marketing and often ban websites who use this method of web site marketing. I will discuss other search engine marketing preparedness tactics in later pages of this site.

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