Given the fact that I am employed by an internet marketing firm where I specialize in website marketing, many of my friends and other people I know often ask me for my advice about web site marketing. Therefore, I have decided to set up this website, as a free service for all those who are searching for information about search engine marketing. I hope that this web site is able to address most of the common questions about search engine marketing.

Whereas, some of my visitors may not know what search engine marketing is, I feel that I must first address the basics of search engine marketing and how internet marketing can help people do website marketing themselves or through a professional search engine marketing company.

Therefore, the first thing you need to know about search engine marketing is that it is a bit different than general internet marketing or web site marketing. The difference between website marketing and search engine marketing is that general internet marketing can include the marketing of a website through links, advertisements, commercials, and search engines. On the other hand search engine marketing is website marketing solely through search engines.

What I mean by web site marketing solely through search engines is that, through search engine marketing, unlike general internet marketing, fees are not paid to advertising agencies, other websites, or even directly to search engines. In search engine marketing, fees are paid to search engine marketing companies that specialize in helping you get more visitors through increasing your ranking in the natural search results of search engines.

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